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Our palletizers & palletizing Solutions

Do you have a need for quickly, consistently & efficiently stacked products on pallets while reducing labor costs & minimizing risks? Then look to Verbruggen for the latest in palletizing/stacking technologies & innovations. Our VPM series palletizing machines offer precise product stacking capabilities at high speeds, combined with overlapping product placement & integrated compression achieving unparalleled stacking results. Products are stacked tight, tall, uniform & stable allowing for efficient transport. Finally, you can achieve the finished pallet result that you’ve been looking for while improving continuity and realize safer & more efficient palletizing operations.

Minimize downtime Palletizing machines

User friendly touchscreen control allows for easy machine operation & selection of your product programs. Our smart software assists with choosing of the desired products & selection of the right stacking patterns each time. Continual design refinements have also resulted in low maintenance costs, reliable equipment operation & a very long service life. Our service team is available 24/6 to ensure the highest possible up time of your machine.

Below is our product range, divided into four main groups. We make sure you will always get the palletizer that fits you best.

Customized Palletizing Solutions

Find your palletizer through customized design including a wide range of possibilities & options such as customized layout, semi or fully-automatic operation, wrapping machines and added equipment pieces including strapping machines, evenflow units & check weighers. Do you have a need for palletizing both bags and boxes using a single machine? No problem with our dual purpose Combi-Manipulator including hands-free programming selection. Interested in high-capacity stacking? Ask about our VPM machine offering high-speed stacking up to 70 bags per minute (depending on bag size).

Our Palletizers and Palletizing solutions


Handling bags
Up to 10 per minute

VPM 7-14 Series

Handling bags
12 – 40 per minute

VPM 88

Unloading bags
20–30 bags per minute


Handling cartons/boxes
15 – 20 per minute


Handling cartons/boxes
Up to 120 per minute