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Solutions for palletizing fishery products

On the 10th of October 2017 the Dutch company Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions B.V. took part at the business program “Rybpromresurs” in Moscow (Russia), where the company showed its latest achievements in the “Equipment for transportation and storage of fishery products”. The company was represented by the head of Russia, CIS countries and the Balkans – Alexander Khoroshkov. Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions B.V. produces palletizers and provides engineering solutions for stacking bags, boxes and crates in all...
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Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions is increasing its presence in Russia.

The largest Dutch manufacturer of palletizers Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions was presented at the exhibition “Agroprodmash-2017” in Moscow. The exhibition was attended by the head of Russia, CIS countries and the Balkans – Alexander Khoroshkov. Verbruggen introduced its first palletizer to the production line of the agricultural enterprise in 2009. Since then, 15 projects have already been implemented in the agricultural sector in Russia using these palletizers. The main distinguishing features of Verbruggen palletizers are: ~...
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Innovation voucher for Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions

The Development Company Flevoland B.V. has awarded an innovation voucher to Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions B.V. for the development of a composite frame for their palletizer, in Emmeloord. The financial impetus is made possible with funding from the REOF fund and its intention is to help Flevoland’s innovations.   Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions B.V. is market leader when it comes to solutions for palletizing hard-to-stack products. For over 25 years, they have developed and delivered palletizing machines...
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Dutch Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions to enter partnership with Chinese Ningbo Diamond Packaging

Dutch Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions (VPS) will enter a partnership with Chinese Ningbo Diamond Packaging Technology and Manter International to launch a pilot packhouse in China. The project will be lead by VPS and Diamond Packaging. VPS is a Dutch machine manufacture that specialises in the design and production of palletizing machines. The company is keen to enter the Chinese packaging market with its palletizing machinery. Diamond Packaging is a successful producers and exporter of mesh...
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“New Verbruggen management has ambitious plans” – Potatoworld 2017

“Happy faces at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions in Emmeloord. At the end of 2016, founder Alex Verbruggen passed the baton to the new General Manager Erik Bruggink and his own sons Wouter and Maarten. Over the coming five years, the new team wants to make the company market leader in every country where it operates.” Read the full article here.

Looking for local dealer/distributor in Asia

We are a Dutch company specialized in manufacturing palletizers and wrappers for logistic and warehouse usages. Palletizer replaces traditional manual handling, while provide a high speed solution for stacking products in bag/box, at the same time largely reduces labor costs, improves factory operational efficiency, and minimize goods damaging rate. Our palletizer is suitable a wide range of agricultural/industrial products that packed in bags and boxes, such as fruit and vegetables, agricultural seeds, animal feed, starch...
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Open Day Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions has 500 visitors

On Friday 30 September, Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions had at least three causes for celebration. The company had its 25-year anniversary. Alex Verbruggen officially handed over the reins to the next generation – Erik Bruggink, Wouter Verbruggen and Maarten Verbruggen. And last but not least, the building has been renovated. Maarten Verbruggen looks back on the day with satisfaction. “I think at least 500 visitors came by, mainly suppliers. It was a day with a golden...
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Specialized palletizer for Chinese market

Dutch palletizer Verbruggen targets Chinese potato market: “Flexibility is key in China” “We have developed a specialized palletizer for the Chinese market. The design caters for specific situations we encountered whilst visiting our Chinese clients. Other functions, that are not used frequently, we have stripped off. For example, trucks are often not loaded with pallets. Instead, they are loaded with bags piled on top of each other. The trucks are loaded and off loaded by hand....
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Spread knowledge through Dutch platform Agrofood Cluster

Last month Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions enters into the Agrofood Cluster as a partner. Agrofood Cluster interconnects the strengths of the agricultural food sector in the well-known polder of Flevoland (The Netherlands). The high level of knowledge and expertise can be shared worldwide with the strong connection offered between participating companies “We value the optimization of the whole supply chain,” says Van Veldhuijsen, director of Agrofood Cluster. “And with the family business Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions brings a...
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Machine record at Waterman Onions: 20 million bags in 15 years

Waterman Onions in Emmeloord (The Netherlands) stacked with her Verbruggen-palletizer over 20 million bags in 15 years setting a new machine record. The machine handled over 20,000 tons of onions per year, or about 20% of the annual sales of the onion sorting- and packaging at the company. Increase from 1 to 5 palletizers Waterman Onions delivers shallots, yellow and red onions in various packages for the world market all year round. In 1998 they...
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Opportunities for palletizing in China

Labor costs in China are rising, which creates opportunities for palletizing solutions. Ning Fan, the sales representative for the Chinese market of Verbruggen in the Netherlands explain: “The return on investment is two to five years for companies that invest in Verbruggen machines. In addition, we can reduce damage loss to the product and risks of injuries.” Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions launched its China strategy and office in January. “We are currently exploring the North of...
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Meet our all-new look

Meet the all-new look of Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions. The new logo emphasizes the innovative nature of modern palletizing technology. The website was redesigned and offers lots of convenience. The technovation circle in the logo symbolizes both technique and innovation. Because Verbruggen already brings high-quality palletizers on the market for 25 years but is constantly working on even faster, stronger and lighter solutions. The redesigned website explains the various palletizing solutions in a proper overview. Through a matchmaker an appropriate machine...
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Latest palletizing innovations at the Fruit Logistica

On February 3 to 5 Verbruggen presents its familiar ánd new palletizing solutions at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Meet Verbruggen in a whole new corporate identity in stand B12, hall 6.1. Visit the booth and discover the latest developments in the field of palletizing. During the past year Verbruggen introduced a compact machine for the small packer that is fully based on the technical knowhow of the top models. For the range of top models, we...
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Verbruggen responds to increasing demand in North America

In July 2015, Wouter Verbruggen (Vice President) and his family relocated to Pasco, Washington to further shape the US subsidiary of Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions. The magazine AGF Abroad wrote about the emigration of Wouter and his family. Over the past fifteen years, Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions installed dozens of palletising lines in North America. Verbruggen established the service center in Pasco in 2013 with increasing demands from the local agricultural market. Now installations, part supply & service...
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New: palletizing up to more than 70 bags per minute

  By palletizing multiple bags at the same time it is possible to increase the production capacity considerably. In that way Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions answers to a growing demand, because the market for small packages is increasing. The smaller packages require a higher production capacity for our customers. By equipping the machine with the High Speed option the manipulator handles two or four bags in one motion. The new design handles more than 70 bags per minute....
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Introduction new VPM-5 draws attention

In the last quarter of 2015 Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions introduced the totally redesigned new palletizer VPM 5 in which the technology of the high-speed models is applied in this smaller, more economical machine. Due to the modular design of the machine the new VPM-5 can be installed in almost every room. The machine is designed as flexible as possible, the infeed belt can be positioned on all four sides. Also, the new VPM-5 can be extended...
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