Introducing the VPM-4

The first VPM-4 palletizer, the latest addition to the Verbruggen range, has been delivered and installed at one of our customers in Australia to stack bags of fertilizer. A small footprint, limited capacity and low total costs of ownership are the compelling features of the VPM-4. This palletizer provides a perfect solution for use in tight spaces where bags are stacked by hand. It’s even possible to move this one-piece machine with a forklift! The main features of the VPM-4 gantry palletizer are:

* Capacity up to 10 bags a minute
*Bag sizes of 25-50kg
*Pallet size up to 1250 x 1250mm
*Maximum stacking height of 2000mm

-a manipulator to stack crates or boxes beside bags
-a stacking collar

Resume – this VPM-4 palletizer is particularly suitable for a packer with a capacity up to 10 bags a minute who wants to palletize bagged goods and at the same time reduce labour costs while working in an ergonomic and tidy manner.