Automated Palletizing – What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of using a palletizer? This is a very common question asked by people when they see or hear about a Verbruggen Palletizer for the first time. This article should help identify the benefits and positive impacts that automated palletizing can have on your business. What primary factor prevents you from working...
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Why Verbruggen palletizers are unique for starch and flour industry

Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions B.V. Specializing in the manufacture of palletizers that improves logistics and warehousing working efficiency. The palletizing machine replaces the traditional manual handling. It saves labor and can quickly stack products, improve the efficiency of the operation in the factory, reduce the damage rate of the products, and facilitate transportation. Our products are...
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10th Anniversary of Verbruggen Asia office

On 18 March, the Asian office of Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions operating under the name Deltadesh reached a significant milestone. It has been operating in Asia for 10 years. The Verbruggen Asian office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2009. So, it was time for a celebration! A festive anniversary party was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The...
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